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Easy peasy coconut macaroons

This is an easy little sweet treat to make with kids with few ingredients and very little fuss.  This recipe makes 12 macaroons, which frankly isn’t enough, next time, I will double the quantities and make more…. You will need: 2 egg whites (and I will explain a handy trick for separating them as well) […]


The problem with glitter…

Actually, I don’t have a problem with glitter, in principal, but a LOT of people hate it. It’s something you either love or loathe. My husband cannot stand glitter and he gets pale and shakey at the thought of it entering our house. I think most people hate it because it is hard to clean […]


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Welcome to the Mad House. I originally started this blog, in a blur of sleep deprivation, to get my thoughts and feelings down somewhere, on parenting, second time round, with a baby that had major sleep issues (and not just normal ones) but it has grown and grown. We are now well into our fifth year at the Mad House and you will find blog posts on anything from gardening, to politics, with lots of ramblings on parenting, and also about living with food intolerances. I blog about cows milk and gluten free cooking too.

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