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Sat Cap – DIY madness

So we did a bit of re arranging last week and the children are now sharing a room.  It involved some tidying, de cluttering, and DIY which LSH was in charge of, man like. Can you Sat Cap this picture…? Don’t forget to click on the linky and see sore more marvellous musings at Mammasaurus’s blog […]


Operation Get Mummy Sleeping!

Yes, I am writing about sleep, once again. Just when you thought I couldn’t write any more about sleep, and that we were actually getting some sleep, I thought I would bore you with  more of my sleep woes. Yes, some of the Mad House are getting sleep, sadly not all, and you guessed it, that’s […]


This boy…

Is nearly 3 and a half. We have been through a lot together, and I am really, really struggling to let go, and to relax at the idea of him being at nursery school. I don’t know why I am so emotional about it. He is SO ready, and SO excited, and will have such […]


Get Fit Mummy

This week has been ok, but I have a confession to make… I haven’t weighed myself. For two reasons: It’s that “time of the month” (yes, I will talk about hormones and girl stuff in the post, Dad, you can stop reading now, if you want to) and I feel bloated, I know I am […]


Our week in photos

It’s been a really crazy week, with so much going on, work, school, meet the teacher meetings, violin lessons, steam cleaning everything in site (I look like an extra from Ghost Busters according to LSH) birthday parties, visits to the vet for certain feline members of the household, oh yes, and in case you hadn’t […]


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Welcome to the Mad House. I originally started this blog, in a blur of sleep deprivation, to get my thoughts and feelings down somewhere, on parenting, second time round, with a baby that had major sleep issues (and not just normal ones) but it has grown and grown. We are now well into our fifth year at the Mad House and you will find blog posts on anything from gardening, to politics, with lots of ramblings on parenting, and also about living with food intolerances. I blog about cows milk and gluten free cooking too.

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