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So, the Bounty pack thing?

(Image source) Last week, I received an e-mail, asking me to join in and sign the petition, that is being brought against Bounty, who provide sample packs, and take photos of newborns, on maternity wards up and down the country. From what I can work out, having read a few articles, blogs and opinions on […]


Wordless Wednesday

We went to visit Aunty Jill, this weekend. She is LSH’s aunt, and we try to see her as often as we can, although she lives on the other side of London from us. She adores the children and loves to make a fuss of them, and her house is full of fascinating things, and […]


Screen time limits (or not?)

(No, my children don’t normally watch TV like this…) With the arrival of the long summer holidays, which I am rather glad about (we are in week one, I may have changed my mind by the end of this week) something that has been on my mind for a while, is screen time, and how […]


Monday again, Magic Moments

I was, a bit of a loss as to what to write for this weeks Magic Moments, hosted by Jaime at the Oliver’s Mad House. We have had a bit of a hodge podge week, with school breaking up for the summer holidays, my foot being,  for want of a better word, broken (it’s not […]


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Welcome to the Mad House. I originally started this blog, in a blur of sleep deprivation, to get my thoughts and feelings down somewhere, on parenting, second time round, with a baby that had major sleep issues (and not just normal ones) but it has grown and grown. We are now well into our fifth year at the Mad House and you will find blog posts on anything from gardening, to politics, with lots of ramblings on parenting, and also about living with food intolerances. I blog about cows milk and gluten free cooking too.

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