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A weekend alone!

LSH and I decided a while ago, that with Small Boy now sleeping better, and handling life more easily post grommet insertion, that it would be lovely if we could have a weekend away, just for us. We haven’t been away, alone, since before we got pregnant with said Small Boy, which is nearly 4 […]


Get Fit Mummy – an update.

I have neglected both the blog, and Get Fit Mummy, in general, for the past couple of weeks. I have had a type A Influenza, which has been nasty (don’t make jokes about flu folks, when you get it for real it is really, really awful) and literally wiped me out. I am almost better, […]


Sat Cap – Is that a polar bear?

So we went shopping yesterday, and I found myself looking at Christmas decorations and ornaments. It’s only November, please send help. I happened to snap the other members of the Mad Cats Household admiring a furry display of polar bears and other critters. I reckon it is Sat Cap worthy! Then mosey on over to […]


Dettol Hand Wash, with E45.

When I was contacted by the lovely people from Spink, and asked if I wanted to review a bottle of Dettol Hand soap, with E45, I was quite keen to accept. I don’t generally use antibacterial sprays and soaps, unless I am cleaning up after an illness, but I do make exception for in the kitchen, because […]


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Welcome to the Mad House. I originally started this blog, in a blur of sleep deprivation, to get my thoughts and feelings down somewhere, on parenting, second time round, with a baby that had major sleep issues (and not just normal ones) but it has grown and grown. We are now well into our fifth year at the Mad House and you will find blog posts on anything from gardening, to politics, with lots of ramblings on parenting, and also about living with food intolerances. I blog about cows milk and gluten free cooking too.

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