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How to Cope with Family Food Allergies

*this is a collaborative post* While most advice regarding food allergies relates to helping children cope, they can affect anyone at any age. Learning to cope goes far beyond understanding potential symptoms and dangers. We also have to learn to manage food-related fears and anxieties.  Coping with family food allergies starts with identifying the cause, […]


Things I have learned in therapy

My problems are not something other people can fix. Other people’s problems are not mine to fix. Boundaries are good. Boundaries will be resisted though and it is MY job to put them in place and then stick to them even when it’s harder than anything else I’ve ever done. I can feel sorry for […]


Stuff we loved February 2019

*there may be affiliate links or links to items we have been sent to review within this post* Welcome to our monthly update of stuff we have loved. February has gone rather fast, I always find it a rather confusing month, probably because it’s shorter. I am glad it’s over. I find it a depressing […]


Welcome to our week in photos. This is our weekly catch up for both sets of grandparents who live abroad and don’t get to be as much a part of the daily madness of our lives as much as we and they would like. So we share here for them to get at least a […]


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Welcome to the Mad House. I originally started this blog, in a blur of sleep deprivation, to get my thoughts and feelings down somewhere, on parenting, second time round, with a baby that had major sleep issues (and not just normal ones) but it has grown and grown. We are now well into our fifth year at the Mad House and you will find blog posts on anything from gardening, to politics, with lots of ramblings on parenting, and also about living with food intolerances. I blog about cows milk and gluten free cooking too.

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