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Some safe and fun ideas to treat your pets with for Christmas…

With all the Christmas fuss and fun, and long lists of things to do, people to plan gifts for, food to be prepared, and fun to be had, it’s easy for our pets to get put to the bottom of

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If you love Guinness World Records then this is the game for you.

*This is a review post. We were kindly sent a game to play as a family, but all opinions are our own* The Guinness Book of Records is iconic, and each edition is full of the feats and adventures of

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Oh Christmas tree…

Our tree went up this week.  There was a bit of squabbling involved. I wasn’t well, so lay on the sofa directing affairs, and trying not to get annoyed when things didn’t look like I wanted them too. Half way

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Stuff we love – November 2018

It’s beginning to look at lot like Christmas. December is here. Our November round up of things we love is brief and late, because we are already a week into December and it’s all things Christmassy from now on in…

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Food allergy friendly stocking filler sweet treats from Swizzels

*this is a review post, we were kindly sent items to try, but all opinions are our own* As a mum and wife who deals with family food allergies, I spend a lot of time working around trying to find

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Making chalk paint easy with Grand Illusions

*I was kindly invited to an evening to learn about chalk painting with Grand Illusions but all opinion are my own* I have a little secret.  I have always wanted to be able to take some of the older furniture

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It’s Nearly 2019 – So What Modern Conveniences Can We Make Use Of?

*this is a collaborative post* (Image source) It’s often easy to forget just how far services, technology and social change has shaped our world in the last twenty years. We are truly beginning to live in the future. Manned flights

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Hand Made for Christmas (Part 2)

I am not doing the usual Christmas gift guides this year, as a blogger I have decided to break with tradition and do something a little different.  I am, instead, featuring some lovely small businesses that I think make items

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Why I gave up meat, and it’s not for the reasons you think…

In January of this year, I gave up meat. Well, actually it was almost February, but for most of January I hadn’t eaten much meat. I caused alarm on Facebook by sharing my new quasi vegetarian status and I have

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My Sunday Photo 2/12/18

It’s beginning to look at lot like Christmas… Are you humming the song yet? This is not my garden, I wish it was! (shared with permission though!) 

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