Not all weighted blankets are created equal – Snoozzzy blanket is a winner for us.

*This is a review post. We have been working with Snoozzzy trying out their weighted sleep blankets*

If you have followed our family at all you will know that sleep, going to sleep, and staying asleep, has been a bit of a battle and journey for us. Our small boy has struggled hard with sleep and we have fought to find ways to help him. We borrowed a weighted blanket, at one point to see if that would help him, as recommended by his Occupational Therapist, but he didn’t like it, so we didn’t push him with it. He finds settling to sleep and calming down harder than other children and his sensory issues mean winding down to sleep can be difficult.

However, recently we decided to try again, and Snoozzzy asked us to try out their blankets to see if they could work magic with our boy.

Their blankets look amazing, so we were full of expectation and looked forward to it arriving.

We opted for the 7lb blanket, working out that this would be the best weight for him size wise.

I have to say, when the box arrived, I was impressed from the get go, because the blanket is excellent quality, in fact, I almost stole it for me. They are really well made, soft, and the material is perfect for sensory and tactile kids, just like mine.

We chose the dinosaur option, but they do come in other colours and patterns too.

But how does it work?

The snoozzzy Science

A happy boy, going to sleep more easily means a better bedtime, and happier parents. You cannot really go wrong with that, can you? Thank you Snoozzzy…

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