Making face painting easy with Little Brian face paint sticks


*This is a review post, we were kindly sent some face paints to try. All opinions are our own*

My kids have always loved having their faces painted, and it’s fun to take them to fairs, events and parties where they can have their faces painted to look amazing. Over the years, I have taken some very memorable photos of them disguised as Spiderman, princesses, unicorns, Disney characters, of course looking adorable.

Being able to face paint is something I have always wanted to learn, and whilst people who do face painting for a living seem to make it look effortless and easy, I know that it is of course, not as simple as it looks and it takes a fair bit of skill and patience, and talent too.

One day I would love to be able to learn to face paint professionally, it’s a great skill, and given that I work with children and families, one that could be very useful. It would probably also impress my kids and their friends (never a bad thing) but right now I don’t have time to do that.

But, we can have fun at home with some face painting, and Little Brian have a fantastic set of face painting sticks that are very handy for creating some fun and easy designs on faces and skin.

They are easy to use, whilst I am not a professional face painter, I do know what works for face painting, and they come in handy twist up sticks to apply colour easily.

You can use these to create designs, and unless you really want to, you don’t have to use brushes or sponges. This makes them perfect for quick face painting, or for if your kids want to have fun without the fuss and extra kit you need.

They dry quickly, and you can layer the paints (make sure each layer is dry first) and the colours are pretty strong and solid. They are also hyper-allergenic and suitable for sensitive skin. The tween and I both have very sensitive skin, and we patch tested first and had no issues, which was very reassuring.

We had a lot of fun, with a family face painting session, testing them out.

You can definitely tell who has the face painting skills in our family, and apparently I am not as good as my daughter, who will say she isn’t creative but actually is. We roped the husband in, to practice on.

The sticks come in a good range of colours, so you can get really creative and use their template designs or you can come up with your own ideas and really go wild and use your face painting imagination.

They wash off really easily too. We used warm face cloths soaked in water and the paint comes off without much scrubbing, other than in a few areas where a little help was needed, and they also wash off clothes easily too (yup, I managed to get face paint on my jeans, after telling the kids to be careful, but I didn’t need to worry, they came clean, phew!)

These would be fantastic as a gift, or for parties if you want to do a little bit of face painting but don’t want to hire someone, or for fun at home, enjoying some in house face painting fun. I would also say these would be great in face painting kit if you are looking to do it professionally, for their colour and coverage. Now I just need to convince my small son that he can’t paint his own face every day…

Why not grab some for the summer, you can get your own to get creative here

 Can you guess who painted who and who is what?


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