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Mother’s Day is on it’s way here in the UK, and my husband and kids have plans for the day, for me. They won’t tell me what, although I have a secret suspicion I know, because I have dropped a few hints. I do know there is furtive shopping for chocolate and cards going on but I also know that my kids love to make me things, and I love to receive made things, and treasure those most.

I happen to know that they “might” be making me a card, and they have gone old school, and pressed some flowers.

But when I say old school, I only mean sort of because this rather nifty flower press from My Living World takes a lot of the work and wait out of pressing flowers the traditional way, and means you can pretty much have instant pressed flowers. That is a bit clever I think.

A really fun and clever way to enjoy using flowers and plants in craft, but without the faffing and waiting for the flower press to have done it’s job, like I remember having to do when I was child.

This Instant Flower Press from Interplay is “pretty cool” as my small son says.

Press and dry beautiful flowers in seconds using a microwave with the My Living World Instant Flower Press. Preserve flowers, leaves and other interesting plants you may find in your garden! Press them and add them to greetings cards, stationery and pictures, you are limited only to your imagination.”

It works on the same principle as a flower press in that you pick your flowers or plants and put them in the press, but instead of the sitting around for days waiting for it to dry them out you can “zap them” (again, my small son) and voila, you have pressed flowers. You just need water and a microwave and you are good to go. Home made crafts and cards with real flowers are so pretty and extra special, and this makes it much easier to do that!

There is a small level of supervision required because the flower press is used in a microwave but it is a fun and easy way to produce pressed flowers.

The husband basically took over and I was not allowed to help the children, partly he claims because I wasn’t supposed to see what they were making me and partly because he wanted, I suspect to be all geeky and see how the instant flower press worked.

It works really well, and does really dry the flowers out quickly and efficiently. I remember as a child putting some flowers in press and leaving them in the airing cupboard and going back to check on them so often my mum had to tell me to stop, this does take the wait out of that, if you want to have a quicker craft.

The kids think it’s great fun, and I was banished from the room once the flowers were ready and pressed so you and I will have to wait til Mother’s Day to see what they produced, but I have been told it’s pretty and I will like it, so I will have to be content with that and wait and see!

This would make a fun gift for someone too, for some fun crafting and creating with flowers and plants.

Now, I wonder where they have hidden my card….?

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