Tween Takeover Tuesday…

The tween isn’t allowed her own social media yet, so she’s hijacked mine. Tuesdays from now on are Tween Takeover Tuesday, when the tween has free rein with a blog post, and a social media take over. You have been warned, I should probably be scared…

Here she is in her own words:

Hi, Emily here. I’m 12 years old and pretty much a completely normal tweenager. I love doing things like reading, cooking, playing music, knitting, netball and swimming. I also have two very embarrassing parents, along with an equally embarrassing and annoying little brother. The pets in my house include of: Jasper the cat, Layla the cat, Robin the hamster and Batman the hamster. The only not normal, non – tweenage thing about me is that I love school. I love learning new things and stretching my brain to find it’s limits. the only thing I don’t like about school is the amount of homework we get – but I guess no child/teenager does! I was ecstatic when my mum told me that she was going to let me take over her social media, I started plotting ideas the second she had told me. Today is the day when I will be able to say what I like and embarrass my parents for a change. Watch out,  ‘cos here I come…!

You can find the tween taking over on Tuesdays on Facebook, Instagram and my Twitter account. I suspect I may regret this! 

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