Hello 2019…

We are back. It’s been a while since my last blog post. Our blog has had a bit of a tidy up and revamp, and some bits tweaked, and I am now able to get back to work and share life again.

2019 has landed and it’s been a bit challenging so far, but we hope it eases us in gently…

We had a lovely break away in France, house, cat, dog and chicken sitting for friends, and although we all managed to pick up a bit of a nasty lurgy, it was a good break, and we were able to relax and enjoy family time and less pressure that London life tends to pile on.

If you would like, you can see a bit of a video I put together of our trip, I am still getting to grips with YouTube so please be kind…

So hello 2019. We look forward to what you will bring, and I am already trying to plan Christmas next year, and hoping we can spring a surprise and a warm Christmas on the kids, but don’t tell them, yet! 😉

Normal service will resume now!


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