Little bits of attempting to be greener… #goinggreen

Going green, or being greener, or trying to live a lifestyle that has slightly less impact on the environment then you probably have or are considering changing up some things you use, in your life to help with that. 

To be honest, going greener can be costly, if you are looking to replace things in your life that might make less impact. Some things are easy and fairly cheap to replace, and some things can need budgeting for. I am not entirely convinced in a cynical way, that the whole green market and items that are better for the planet hasn’t been hijacked by companies who know people will pay for things, but that is another blog post for another time…

 I tend to prefer the method of only replacing things as needed, and trying to reduce what we use by process of elimination and replacing when they wear out. I can’t afford to replace every single thing that might be better replaced by something greener, all in one go. 

A few things I have done over the past few months, either purchasing, or being gifted or being sent to try, that I find work for me, or us, as we try to reduce the impact we make are below, and I am slowly increasing what we try and do. It’s a work in process. 

Metal straws can be bought online or from your health food or hardware/camping store. These sandwich wrappers are from ReWrapper

and you can get pretty much any water bottle you like to suit your needs and budget. Keep cups are made of glass or recycled plastics. 

Water bottles

We now all try to avoid buying bottled water, from the shops and we have a range of re usable water bottles for everyone. Some are metal, some are made of plastic that has been manufactured to contain less of the harmful chemicals that can be bad for both our bodies and the planet, and some are glass. The disposable plastic bottles you buy in the supermarket are basically almost public enemy number one after plastic bags, as far as I am concerned, so we always try to have our own with us, that can be used and refilled. 


Plastic straws are not good for the planet. They don’t decompose, they lie around for years and years, and are part of the plastic disaster that is so bad for the environment. Millions of plastic straws are used every day. I do believe our government is trying to ban single use plastic straws and I am fully behind that. 

We do use straws but we either buy paper ones that can be composted, and I have also bought metal straws that can be reused and cleaned. 

Coffee cups

 I have talked about these before. The husband and I have larger, portable hot drink containers we use, and the children do too, for hot drinks when we are out, and I also have a nifty little pink keep cup that I use for work. 

Sandwich wrap and cling film

It is possible to buy cling film that is better for the environment, and I do use that very sparingly, but for packing lunches, we try to either pack things into re useable lunch boxes, or I use washable sandwich wrappers. You can use wax coated or wipe able ones. 

There are other things I am slowly trying to work into our lives, but these are my daily staples for now. It’s not a lot, but it’s better than nothing and works within our budget. 

A Green and Rosie Life

*this post is not sponsored. Links are included for information and should you wish to check out items we recommend*


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  1. I fear you are all too right about companies hijacking the green movement for their own financial gain and I have seen some ridiculous prices for green products (and some with very dubious green credentials, too). Like you, I replace things only when needed and always try to do a bit of research before buying. But I have made plenty of bad decisions whilst trying to shop green and will be writing about not so green bamboo knickers one day soon. #GoingGreen

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