Hands off my iPad kids

There seems to be an unwritten rule of parenting that your possesions, particularly those you prize or value highly, or just don’t want to actually share, are the most targeted by your children. Well, in my house at least, that seems to be the rule. My iPad, bought for me, has been the subject of much dispute, and I often have to prize it out of the hands of a small child, or a tweenager, or hunt for where they last had it, and of course not charged it.

We recently bought the small boy his own tablet device for his birthday, and the tweenager has her own phone and iPod, so now, I can finally claim my precious iPad back, as my own.

We had a case for it, one of those horribly practical, bulky, made of bullet proof rubber (ok, maybe I am exagerating slightly there)  to stop the iPad getting damaged and broken, by said children.

So with the return to it’s rightful owner, it was time to get it a new, nicer, less “you can drop me from 50 feet” case to something prettier, still tough, but a bit more me.

My Personalised Case offers personalised phone cases for phones and tablet devices and is a good place to customize a phone or tablet case.

Their site is easy to use and you can choose from a variety of styles and designs, or add your own image or design to your case, and within a few minutes, you have a case that will protect your phone or tablet, that is uniquley yours. Just what I needed.

So, with a few clicks, I was able to come up with pretty, much more my style case, for my iPad and placed my order. Their service is efficient and kept me up to date with my order’s progress and they have a good customer service help area if you have any questions or queries too.

My case arrived and I have to say I am delighted.

I opted for a rather old fashioned image from a photo I took in our garden last year, of my favourite flowers, roses and to make sure that it was clear exactly whose iPad it is, I added some customized text too. You can add your name, logo, website or contact details if you need, it’s very versatile.

The case is strong enough to protect my iPad from scratches and bashes, but stylish enough that I don’t mind pulling it out of my bag. It fits well and looks great. 

Unfortunately, despite the fact that it says it’s MY iPad, that still hasn’t stopped the children trying to borrow it when they forget to charge their own devices!

Who me? No, I wouldn’t be trying to borrow your iPad mum, nope, not me! Not sure he is fooling anyone there? 

So if you are looking for a personalized case for your phone or device, and to design and make your own phone case

then I would recomened them. You won’t be disapointed. I can’t promise it will stop your kids trying to borrow your phone or iPad though…

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