Last minute gift ideas – for the kids…

It’s less than a week to Christmas. Are you panicking yet? Odd enough, even though I haven’t fully finished all my shopping and preparations yet, I am feeling quite calm. I have got to the point where I think panicking is probably a bit pointless, and it will all come together in the end, and my motto this year is “go with the flow”. 

My children are being strangely easy to cater for this, year in terms of presents. The tween wants to go clothes shopping so has asked for money and vouchers (for once, being the mother of a tween is easy!) and now we have persuaded the small boy that a gecko really isn’t a sensible idea for Father Christmas to leave under the tree for him, and he’s given us some slightly more sensible options to get him,  so it all feels quite under control, either that or I have finally lost my marbles and am in denial… 

But I do have some fabulous ideas for stocking stuffers and gifts that have been useful for adding to my shopping list, or if you are looking for a gift and need some ideas…

 Zu3D animation kit, perfect for kids who have tried their hand at animation skills or those who want to give it a go. The kit comes with everything you need, to get started or to practice skills already acquired. 

If you have a potential coder in your life or someone who loves Minecraft, then Code Kingdoms may be an ideal gift for them. Perfect for learning and adding to coding skills. 


Splat toothpastes and dental products. Yes, I am that mother who puts this sort of thing in their kids Christmas stocking, but they make great products for kids and their toothpastes come in fun flavours and I love putting practical gifts into my kids Christmas stockings to counter act some of the treats and sweets they also get.

If you are looking for a fun item with a personal touch, then picking something from Bags of Love may be fun as well as practical. We opted for a personalized pencil case perfect for the tweenager this year, with a picture of her cat…

If you are looking for dairy free chocolates that are also soya free, for those with allergies, then you can’t go wrong with MooFree and their chocolate selection boxes. 

So, hopefully that gives you a few ideas, if you were looking. I am off to try and find presents that I have hidden, so the children couldn’t find them and get them wrapped. Pop back tomorrow for our fun gift guide for grown ups… 😉

*Disclosure. We were sent some items to review, but we don’t recommend products unless we genuinely like them*




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