Decorative lighting that’s a bit different, from Dandelion.

I love decorating our home, and finding pieces that fit with our taste, decor and budget. I also like things that are that little bit unusual and different and that make a bit of a statement. 

We recently revamped our hallway and entrance to our house, and because the electric wiring in our house is old and difficult to adjust without ripping out the whole system, we don’t have that many plug sockets available for lighting. Our hallway can get rather dark and dreary, so I wanted to find a piece of lighting that would help to add light but also interest, and if possible, not need to be plugged in. 

This fun piece from Dandelion Interiors is just what I was looking for…

It’s a fun piece of lighting, and it’s battery powered, so it’s just what I needed. Easy to put together, and bright enough to light up an area but also eye catching and interesting to look at. Everyone who has come to our house recently and seen it has commented on how funky and fun it looks. It’s a nice solid piece of furniture too, so it’s going to last and light up the hallway nicely. I was very impressed with the delivery and packaging, it came well packed and protected and their customer service team is very helpful and efficient (I needed to check with them about something and they were lovely when I contacted them) it does require batteries which are not included with the lamp, but it doesn’t seem to “eat up” too much battery life, so it is cute and good value for money. 

I love it when I find JUST what I am looking for, for our home, in unexpected ways. It’s a good feeling, isn’t it? 

Just perfect and it fits where I wanted and does the job of lighting our hallway too! 

*we were sent an item to review, but all opinions are our own*


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