Jumbo Banagrams fun in the garden…

There is some thing fun (and slightly competitive, ahem) about board games or games you can play in a group, and there is a lot of learning, enjoyments and bonding time to be had. We as a family love playing games, and as the children get older and are more able to participate, it has become a bit of a tradition with us. We have family game nights, or days, or even outside in the garden.

Jumbo Banangrams is the perfect game for playing outside in the summer, in your garden, or at a picnic, or anywhere you have a bit of space to put the tiles and play. 

It’s the same game as the original Banangrams but on a bigger scale…


“If you want to do things on an even bigger scale, why not try out Jumbo BANANAGRAMS®? This super-sized, yet portable, version of our popular word game is ideal for word-play on a large scale indoors or out.  From Classrooms, to Camping, from beach outings to birthday parties, Jumbo BANANAGRAMS is fun for the whole family!  Jumbo BANANAGRAMS includes 3″ x 3″ water resistant tiles that are designed for play on your lawn, at the beach, park, or in your yard, classroom, or gym.  Go bananas making jumbo crossword grids in a race to the finish!”

It’s a  fun way for friends and family to cross word grids, it’s educational, and depending on how far away you put your pile of tiles, you might even get a bit of exercise too.. 😉

The children love it and the adults get very enthusiastic (and a bit too competitive). It actually would be a good game for parties or the perfect ice breaker at a BBQ in the garden whilst you wait for the grill to heat up. The instructions and rules to follow are easy and the children (and adults) took great pleasure in shouting “dump” and “split” as and when was called for. 

Banangrams edit

As you can see we had great fun playing it at as a family. It might also be good for at school playtime during wet play. You can play it inside, of course and we have so it’s not just an outside game. 

It’s definitely a game we are adding to our repertoire and because it comes in neat bag, you can pack it to take it on holiday or on a trip, and enjoy playing wherever you have space. It’s also a perfect gift for those who love word games. 

Banangrams gets the Mad House of Cats & Babies Thumbs Up…


*We were very kindly sent a product to try. All words are our own, any images are used with permission*


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  1. even though the original game has been out for a few years we, as a family, have still yet to play the game. I like the idea of it being ‘giant’ and being able to play outside but it would probably be best not to play on a windy day!

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