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We are delighted to be hosting Mini Creations for a spell. If you linked up to KidGLloves to share your children’s crafting creativity, or you are new to Mini Creations and just want to share some amazing things that your kids have produced this week. This is the perfect link up for that.

Kids does your Mum complain if you bring amazing art work home you made at nursery or school? Does your Dad put on a fake smile at the rocket ship with extra engines cleverly made out of loo roll? Do they roll their eyes at the spectacular playground you made from a cereal box? Have they run out of space on the fridge for your artwork? Then here is the linky for them…We are also happy to see crafting ideas your parents might want to share, reviews of things children and parents might love to help them get more creative or even recipes. Go wild, let loose and share. 

Hello, Emily here.

I am almost nine years old. I like making lots of different things, and I always want to make things for other people, to make them happy. I decided, because I saw my mum knitting that I wanted to learn. She said she would teach me, but that I would have to be patient and careful, and pratice and not get too cross if I made a mistake (she said that everyone learns to knit that way, and making mistakes happens a lot, even when she knits and she has been knitting since she was 11)

So, she showed me how to knit. I can do lots of sticthces, and am gettting really good at counting them, and I write down how many rows I make, in a special notepad my mum gave me, and I like finding time to knit a few rows. My mum says learning to do the simple stitches and small things is good, and as I get faster and better, she will teach me more. She also says I am getting very neat and good at knitting. 

I am making a special blanket of squares that my mum will help me sew together, for a baby we know, called Cleo and I am also helping my mum to knit squares for blankets to send to some families who need them. 

I love knitting. I can’t wait to see what my blanket looks like when it is finished. 

Knitting colage

Me, concentrating hard to get my stitches neat and even, Mum says that’s important or what you knit looks messy. 

If you would like to link up a creative effort from your children, please grab the badge, click on the linky button, add away, then share on Facebook or Twitter. Use the tag #MiniCreations and ping us a tweet @MadCatsBabies and I will share and come and have a look at all the lovely things our children are making.

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