Week in Photos – cocktails, swimming badges and more food

Welcome to our week in photos. Snippets from our life, in photostyle from Instagram and our Facebook page, sharing what we have been up to and the chaos we may have caused, in our week. It’s a bit of an ecletctic mix (when is it not?) of photos this week, cocktails, swimming badges, food…


Our week wouldn’t be interesting without food, I love cooking. This week, we made gluten free, cows milk free spiced muffins, which the children and LSH loved, and I have also started the 5:diet, which so far, is going well. Our weeknend wouldn’t be complete without pancakes either.


We went out for lunch with my brother and his family, and my dad (aka Grandad) and enjoyed lots of non diet friendly food. Some home grown strawberries thrown in for good measure.


I had a rather eventful weekend last weekend, lots of late nights, fun and the odd cocktail, then wrote a very whiny post about feeling old, needing more make up to hide the haggard, I can’t cope with late nights look, and ended up with a stinking cold. This week has been less exciting, more early nights, I feel better now! 😉


Big Girl achieved another level in her swimming class, and we are terribly proud of her. She gets up early on a Saturday morning, and works hard, and loves swimming. I am a firm believer that all children should learn to swim, she has been swimming since she was 2. Little Man has not started proper lessons yet, because of his ear issues but I plan to teach him some basics this summer then start lessons in September.

We also have a countdown clock to our first holiday, in July, IF our passports come back in time (we are not desparing yet, and as I have said before, if I have to go to London to fast track them, I will!) and we are loving the programme on the BBC about Sumatran tigers, the children are fascinated, and would like to adopt one, but I think we have two mini tigers here, and I am not sure I could cope with a proper tiger cub! 😉


Look, cats! What kind of weekly update would it be, without some cat photos? Jasper has suddnely got very naughty, and has learned how to get tinfoil off dishes I have covered and then steals food. He may look all cute and cuddly, but he is a little furry thief. Layla loves the ipad, apparently, she also liked the Sumatran tiger programmes.


I may have had a rant about Michael Gove, on the blog this week, he makes me so ANGRY.

Some random photos of things I like, roses, and creative crafts from school, that’s a snake, by the way.

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  1. Sounds like a lovely week and how exciting about your holiday! Thanks for your lovely comment on my school post, so good to know I’m not alone with that! Thank you xx

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