A cheat’s gluten free pasta…

There are lots of gluten free pasta recipes out there, some easy, some a bit more complicated. This one is made entirely of courgette, and is based on some ideas I have seen around, on using vegetables as a starch replacement.

It took me a while to become convinced that you could make “pasta” by shredding, mandolining or spiralling vegetables, but one afternoon, I realised I was starving, I hadn’t had any lunch, and normally my go to meal would be a big bowl of pasta, with some simple sauce or dressing. I rummaged in the pantry cupboard, and found to my dismay that I had no pasta (this is a disaster, I always have both gluten free and normal pasta to hand) I then went to the fridge and found a couple of lonely looking courgettes, or as they are known in the US, zucchini. I decided to experiment.

Take two medium sized courgettes, wash them, and grate them, skin on,  lengthwise, on a cheese grater to form long “ribbons”. You can also use a spiral cutter, or a mandolin, if you have them, I don’t, although I am planning to get myself one of each. You also need some oil to stir fry it, and whatever sauce or seasoning you would like. I used a jar of pesto, for this, but plain cheese and oil, or any sauce you would normally put on pasta would also work.

Heat two table spoonfuls of oil, in a frying pan or wok. I used olive oil, but whatever you prefer, is fine.

Toss the ribbons into the pan, and heat them through, until they are becoming tender. Probably about 2-3 minutes. Add a dollop of pesto sauce, and stir through. Serve onto a plate. I sprinkled a little extra parmesan onto mine, (I do eat some dairy products, I happened to have parmesan in the fridge, you can pretty much put any sauce, tomato based or just some cheese and oil on this, whatever you feel like) and then eat immediately.

I was sceptical, but it was really delicious, and I even managed to persuade a die hard, proper pasta fan, in Big Girl to try some and she asked for her own plate of it.

Courgette Pasta

So, there you have it, a quick, veg loaded, tasty “pasta” that actually isn’t pasta. I am going to experiment with other vegetables, to see what works, there are loads of recipes out there, for this type of thing.

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