I do drink something other than coffee…

When Big Girl was recently admitted to hospital for a few days, post her adenoidtonsillectomy, I made a new discovery. A tea drink, that I actually like.

I am not a fan of herbal teas, or green or white teas, to be honest. I find them very tart or bitter, and the only way I can drink them is by adding a lot of sugar or honey, which probably then negates the benefits of the actual tea. I do like Earl Grey tea, black, with lemon, but coffee is my main beverage of choice.

I happend to be perusing the very expensive Marks&Spencer’s food shop at the hospital (the price difference between there and their shops on the high street, is a rant I will save for another day) and came accross this tea drink:

Mint Tea 1


Hospitals are very hot places, I get very thirsty, and was bored of drinking water and the rather awful coffee on the ward where we were staying, so it was a nice treat. I drank a few bottles over our stay, ignoring the calorie count and amount of sugar in it.

When we got home, I decided to try and attempt to make my own, as an alternative to coffee, and it was surprisingly easy. LSH was most surprised when he saw me come home with a packet of herbal tea (“You aren’t pregnant are you? Are you ill?” I don’t drink coffee when I am pregnant or unwell, poor man was very concerned! 🙂 )

You need 

White tea bags or leaves – I find tea bags less faff.

Fresh mint leaves – You could try it with mint tea bags, but I find mint tea quite bitter and hard to get the taste right

Honey, or your sweetener of choice

Mint Tea 2


Steep a white tea bag in boiled water, which has been allowed to sit after boiling, (don’t use boiling water straight from the kettle) for about 3-4 minutes, or use two tea bags if you want the taste to be stronger.

Mint Tea 4


Remove the tea bag, then add a handful of freshly chopped mint, and let it “stew” in the tea.

Mint Tea 3

Strain the tea, and then add your sweetener of choice, to taste. I used honey, but you can use stevia, sugar, or what works for you.

Place in fridge, to cool, then enjoy with a sprig of mint, in your favourite tall glass…

I am looking forward to drinking this, when the weather gets hotter, and I need something that isn’t coffee.

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