Wordless Wednesday – Rain is fun

When you’re almost 3….




11 comments on “Wordless Wednesday – Rain is fun
  1. Happy Wordless!
    visit from WW.
    Would be nice if you can visit and link up my WW blog hop.
    Have a great day.

  2. momto8blog says:

    yes..the perfect perspective!!!

    • motherofmadcatsandbabies says:

      We have had so much rain, we have to try and enjoy it, or we would be miserable. Hopefully a hot summer with sun is coming soon! Thanks for commenting!

  3. Mystery Case says:

    Too cute! Happy WW, feel free to pop over and link up at Ms Mystery Case http://www.msmysterycase.com

  4. posh says:

    I love that umbrella!

  5. Tiffany says:


  6. Scottish Mum says:

    That brolly is fab. Where on earth did you get it from?

    • motherofmadcatsandbabies says:

      A shop in Twickenham, near us. It has a label, but it’s in the car, and the other half is out with the car, so I can’t check who makes them. I wish they made them for grown ups like that, would make it worth being out in the rain! 🙂

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