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When Tina, from Island Naturals e-mailed me and asked me if I would like to try some of their range, I jumped at the chance. I am always looking for more natural, less chemically filled things to use for our family on our skin, in baths, and as beauty products, and given that Big Girl suffers from eczema and I have psoriasis  we are very picky about the products and brands we use. I also like trying out things from smaller companies, and supporting small business, rather than giving my money to the big brand names, so it was a great opportunity all round.

I like using products with as few chemicals in them as possible, and with no colours, fragrances or added nasties, and their prices are very reasonable if not better than  some commercial brands, and also when compared  to other more natural/chemical free options available. Since the issues with Johnson&Johnson, a well know, trusted, “family” friendly brand and the unsafe chemicals they have in their products, which I used to use for my children, became public and was widely reported, I have done a lot of reading and research into what goes into products we put on our skin, and our children’s skin, and have made a lot of changes to what we use.

On their “About me” section of their blog and website, they explain how they came about making their products. I think this appealed to me more than anything, before I had even tried their stuff.  This is what Tina says :

Based on the beautiful Isle of Man, Island Naturals is a family run business which was born out of the desire to provide ourselves and our customers with natural, environmentally kind alternatives to the whole host of chemical filled personal care products that are all too common in our lives today.

After my husband developed a sudden onset severe allergy to fragrances, I began to research why it had such a detrimental effect on his health and this then led me on to looking into all the other chemicals that were in our personal care products.

I was horrifed to see that many of the products we had been using were no more than a potent mix of chemicals – and the more research I did, the easier it was to come to the conclusion that I was no longer prepared to expose my family to these toxins.

But this proved to be a more difficult task than I first thought!  I did make the switch to natural products – but they invariably contains fragrances, albeit natural ones, which still caused my husband problems…. and this is where the idea of Island Naturals was born.

All of our products are natural and increasingly organic, and all are completely unfragranced – give them a try, and see what a difference they can make to your life!”

Our box of goodies arrived, and we have really enjoyed trying the items she sent, and I have had a good wander around her website, making  list of things I want to purchase, when we run out of stuff we are currently using, or just because I would like to try some new products.

In our package, were some items that I had chosen, or had been suggested to me as good products to try. I didn’t take pictures of the bottles before we opened, them, which was totally silly of me, so I am pasting the links to them on the website, so you can check them out and see what their ingredients are, and also their prices.

Everything is very simply packaged, and come in bottles that look good on the bathroom shelf, but are practical in size, which we liked, for carrying them to swimming. They use very few ingredients, and a lot of the ingredients used are organic, which for me is important, it means less chemicals are going into the final product, from the very start.

Organic Body Wash  I used this for Big Girl, for during her bath/showers and for after her twice weekly swimming lessons. It’s an unscented wash, which we liked very much, because it didn’t irritate her already sensitive skin, and seemed to wash off the smell of chlorine, well, without needing to use too much. It doesn’t bubble and froth like “normal” body washes, but then that’s because it doesn’t contain any harsh “soap” ingredients, that give a lather, so we didn’t mind that at all! I also used it for my baths and for bathing small boy and we were very happy with it.

Organic Shampoo  I have psoriasis, mainly on my scalp, and I do use a medicated shampoo, to keep it under control, but it is prescribed, and I am only supposed to use it once a week, so I have to use something else in between. I find a lot of shampoo brands can  make my scalp raw and sore and  even more itchy, and I don’t actually like the smell of most commercial brands, so this shampoo was great, because, again, it contains no harsh chemicals, and didn’t upset my scalp. I do have very thick, wild hair, which takes a fair amount of shampoo to wash, so the bottle didn’t last that long, but it’s price, and the fact that it works, make it worth buying and I will buy it again. I use it on both the children’s hair too, and it washes gently and seemed to work on their hair, which isn’t as wild and thick as mine.

Organic Lotion This is a multi purpose lotion, that can be used for the body, hands and face, because it’s ingredients are so simple and safe. I used it on my hands, and dry skin patches, and used it for all over Small Boy after bath time  and on Big Girl. I don’t often use lotions on her skin, other than Diprobase and Cold Pressed coconut oil, which is our standard treatment for healing up and also preventing her eczema  but we decided to try the lotion, and it didn’t upset her skin, and she said it made her skin feel soft. It is unscented, as are all the products, I did decant some and add a little lavender oil to it, for Small Boy (we use massage with aromatherapy oils as part of his sleepy bedtime routine) but we liked the fact it was simple and pure and absorbed well into skin.

Rosewater Toner  I have to say, this was my favourite item, although we did love all the products. I love rose scented products, and this is a natrually scented toning lotion, which smells lovely, So many rose scented or based items are either fake and cloying or sickly sweet, but this was lovely. I have been using it every morning, and Big Girl has also taken to wiping her face with it, because she likes the smell too. It makes my face feel clean, and fresh, and doesn’t dry out my skin, either. This is first on my list of items to buy, when I do my shopping.

Their website is simple, but nice to look at, and user friendly, and as I mentioned, their costs are very reasonable, and their Postage and Packing rates are good. They ship within the UK, but I think, will ship outside the UK if you contact them and check before you purchase items.

So Island Naturals gets a big thumbs up from The Mad House of Cats & Babies and we are looking forward to shopping on their website and adding to our items we use regularly, that are chemical free and work for our families skins. I would definitely recommend them if you have sensitive skin, or skin issues where you need products that wont irritate or make your skin worse, and some of their products are made with well known ingredients that can help with skin conditions like eczema  dermatitis and psoriasis. I also think it’s good to reduce the chemicals we use on our skin, so if that’s what your looking for, then I would definitely give them a try.

For information and to buy items go here: http://www.islandnaturals.co.uk/default.asp

They also have a Facebook page here and also sell items on Ebay too

*This product review was not sponsored, we were sent a selection of items to try out, by Island Naturals, all thoughts and opinions are my own*

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  1. Wow! These sound lovely! I’m always on the lookout for new chemical-free products, so will have to have a nosey at their website. Have also recently discovered coconut oil – it is amazing!

  2. Ditto what mummysallygg said! I LOVE organic and chemical free products – great to have a product recommended so highly. I too will be having a look at their website! Thanks for linking up to Modern Mummy Loves today! Hopefully see you again next week.
    PS Coconut oil is AMAZING! x

    • We LOVE coconut oil, I use it for tonnes of stuff. I hope you like Island Naturals, they are very simple, but their stuff is lovely and definitely good if you want less chemically products!

  3. Oooh, as someone with adult eczema, I am always on the look out for new, natural bath products. It annoys me that the medicated ones I am prescribed are basically just potions of chemicals themselves – though they do work. And they certainly don’t look good on my bathroom shelf! Am off to have a look at Island Natural now.

    • Their stuff is really nice, and reasonably priced and we have had no issues with any of their products on our skin, I would definitely recommend them! 🙂

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