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I actually help to run a music group for toddlers on a Tuesday, and we leave the house at 830 to do the school run, then head straight to the group, and we don’t get home much before 1pm, which leaves me very little time to get much done, before I collect Big Girl from school. Small Boy doesn’t nap in the day any more, and is a busy little bundle of boy, so I try to do stuff around him, and involve him if I can (he likes emptying the dishwasher, sorting washing, unloading the washing machine and dryer, and unlike his sister, loves tidying, so he will happily help put things away) I tend to “do” most of my stuff on my list on Tuesday evening into Wednesday. Small boy goes to a local friend who runs a small in home daycare, for a few hours, so I can do my playgroup admin, clean the house and I also organise stuff like doctor/dentist appointments in that time too. I’m very fortunate to have this, I find the time invaluable and try to use it wisely.

Here’s my list:

1) stuff, fold and put away cloth diapers

2) wash night wraps, and strip night diapers (they’re smelling a bit, it’s time) – done

3) fill in security/child protection application so I can be cleared to volunteer in Big Girl’s class and the Special Needs class at her school (I am a pediatric nurse by profession, I worked with children with special needs for 5 years before I gave up work) – done

4) find my passport, National Insurance card and Tax forms with my address on, to take as proof of ID when I hand forms in. (They’re in a box, I just need to get them out) – done

5) fold laundry, put it away – done

6) clean bathroom – did a brief clean, do a more thorough one at weekend

7) optician’s appointment for contact lenses and glasses annual check – done, new glasses ordered

8) haircut (my 80’s mullet, which is a result of growing a short cut out, will be gone, yay!!) – done (am very pleased)

9) pick up coconut oil and also nuts and dried fruit from health food shop – done

10) make Big Girl’s packed supper for after swimming – done

11) send some photos to MiL in South Africa (I try to send some every week, she misses the children, I often forget, which makes me feel bad) -almost done

12) dinner in slow cooker for LSH and I after kids have gone to bed – done

13) buy a bottle of wine, and milk for the playgroup I run on Thursday’s for coffee/tea for visitors. (The wine is for our dinner) – done

14) Finnish online grocery order (I loathe grocery shopping, it stresses me out so much, I do my bulk shopping online, pick up fruit/veg etc locally) – done

15) pick up Big Girl from school, she goes swimming, after school, every week, on Wednesday’s – done

It’s not 20, but it’s enough to keep me busy between now and tomorrow. I’ll tick them off as they’re done.

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  1. I got slightly side tracked by a few things, babysitting for a friend, and just life and got most of the list done, but still haven’t sent the photos to my MiL in South Africa. I’m/we’re trying to persuade them to join Facebook, then they could see pictues really easily, but they’re not that keen. I think it’s not their cup of tea. I will get the photos to her next week! 🙂

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