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BMI is NOT the be all and end all…

So I recently shared about weight loss and how I have worked hard to loose some weight, in order to get myself to a healthier place. I have been feeling pretty good generally and pleased with my efforts and also

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Kick starting things with SML diet plan…

I have successfully lost a fair amount of weight over the past 18 months (ahem, 51lb to be exact, that’s pretty much a small human in weight, when I think about it) with a combination of exercise, portion control, reducing

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Size 14 is an ok place to be…

I like to think that when I talk about weight loss and gain, that I know a little bit of what I am talking about. I have been both very thin and also very overweight. I have worn size 8

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I will never be thin but I need to be healthy…

Before I continue, this post is NOT about fat shaming, or thin shaming, or whatever the current favourite buzz words are. This post is not saying you need to be thin to be attractive, or healthy. This post is about

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Get Fit Mummy – More on the knee….

Welcome to my weekly weight loss link up, Get Fit Mummy. Sharing how I am doing, and also a link up for anyone wanting to share their fitness goals, achievements or weight loss updates. It’s called Get Fit Mummy, but

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Get Fit Mummy – the knee and tea

This week’s Get Fit Mummy is a mixed bag. An update on my knee, not so good news, and a detox tea that I am trying, but I have lost weight so it’s not all bad…. So this week, after

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Get Fit Mummy – Taking this seriously.

 Back to taking this seriously, made a good start this week. I have not done a Get Fit Mummy post for the longest time. I had kind of reached a plateau, was bored of trying to plan and eat healthy

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Get Fit Mummy – Confession time….

Welcome back to my weekly Get Fit Mummy blog post and link up. I am hoping to chart my weight loss and progress to getting fit and in better shape. I will aim to set myself some goals, and also

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Get Fit Mummy – A better week, back on the bandwagon!

Last week, I had a bit of a whine and a moan, after a not particularly good week of diet, lack of exercise and tending to my sick family. This week has been MUCH better. I have managed to loose 1lb,

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Get Fit Mummy – Not a good week.

I must apologise for  being slack on the Get Fit Mummy front, this week has been a bit crazy. LSH has been very unwell, with what is now a chest infection, and I have been trying to keep life running,

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