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What I really want for Valentines Day…

It’s the 14th of February and around the world many people are celebrating Valentine’s Day. It’s a day of fun, joy, romance and love for some, and for others it can be a disapointing and painful day.  For us, in

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Quick and easy gluten and dairy free Valentine’s Day cookies

This is the quickest and easiest recipe to make sugar cookies that you can decorate, if you are looking for something fun to do with the kids for Valentine’s Day. I converted a normal recipe using gluten free flour and

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Perfect flowers for Valentine’s Day? For me, it’s roses…

You cannot fail to have noticed that Valentine’s Day is on it’s way. The shops are full of cards and chocolates and ideas for gifts. I don’t tend to be that soppy or romantic, I lean towards being more practical

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Pretty little things for Valentines Day, with Hunkenmoller

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and whilst I am a pragmatic and practical person, and I don’t particularly do romantic in a very overt way (the husband is the opposite, we balance each other out nicely) but I

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Because we love you! A little Valentines Day Giveaway

So, Christmas is over, January is half way through, and we have Valentines Day looming.  I say that, because we in the Mad House of Cats & Babies aren’t really that romantic, and last year we pretty much forgot about

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School Valentine’s Disco – bah humbug!

My children are nine and almost six. They have no idea what romance is. They make like to make sick noises and laugh when their father and I show each other affection, because “kissing is gross”. They have no idea

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Mini Creations is back – show us your Valentine’s Day Crafts…

Mini Creations is back after a bit of a Hiatus. If you used to link up when it was hosted over at KidGLloves then we would love you to join us here. Kids does your Mum complain if you bring

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Ranty Friday, or maybe not?

I normally post a rant on a Friday, I supposed this is a bit ranty, so lets call it that. I find the whole thing commercialised, and excessive. I have had a number of e-mails from various companies that I

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Thursday’s Photo Dump – Happy Valentines Day!

We don’t tend to make a huge thing out of Valentines Day. LSH is out tonight, I am out tomorrow night. We have a nice dinner planned for the weekend, instead! However, Big Girl did an afternoons crafting and painting

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