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Endometriosis and Infertility: Conceiving and Pregnancy Facts

*This is a collaborative post, that I hope will be helpful* Whether you’ve just been diagnosed with endometriosis or you’ve been living with the condition for some time, there’s one burning question you’ve probably wondered: Will endometriosis affect my chances

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The stomach bug sucks…

If you don’t want to read my mini rant about the stomach bug, and where we are at with trying to get pregnant, then skip this post.  Last week, early on Tuesday morning, very early, I woke up feeling like

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Trying again

Before I continue with this post I need to ask for a couple of things… I don’t need opinions on my age or that we have two healthy children and I need to just get over it. I don’t need

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Convenient Pre-Natal vitamins?

We are currently trying to add a third small human to the Mad House of Cats & Babies (the cats will not approve, Emily wants a baby sister, Matthew wants a baby brother, so there is no pressure at all

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An ache…

I have an ache. It won’t go away. It comes and goes, sometimes it’s quite noticable and makes me draw a breath, sometimes it’s very dull and I barely notice its presence.  It’s the ache that I’ve had for a

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Friday’s Rant from the Soap Box in MY Living Room – A petty rant about trying to get pregnant and other people’s advice…

It’s not an unknown fact that we are trying to add a 3rd small human member to our household. It’s also not unknown, at least to us, and people close to us that it doesn’t happen all that easily for

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OvuSense helps you stay in control

Trying to conceive a baby doesn’t always happen as easily as the movies and books would make you believe. If you follow our blog you will know that we are hoping to add a third small human to our number,

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OvuSense – not pregnant but there is hope!

In January of this year I wrote about how we have been using a rather clever gadget called OvuSense, to track my monthly cycles and see if it might be possible for us to add a 3rd small human to

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Maximising the chances of conception with OvuSense

It’s no secret that we would like to add a 3rd small human member to the Mad House of Cats & Babies, and of course, these things don’t always happen when we would like them to and sometimes mother nature

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