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Back I go. Week 2 of therapy.

Today is therapy day. Session 2. Last week’s session was rushed and because I was nervous about what would happen and be said, and because I had rather stupidly overloaded my morning both before and after the session, taking on

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And back I go…

Back I go.  Sat in a waiting room. Paperwork filled in. Assessment complete.  Waiting to see a complete stranger who will soon know more about me than most people who think they know me.  Who will probably ask me questions

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I don’t need you to fix me.

But I do need you to understand, or try to understand… Two years ago, this week, I took myself to my GP surgery and asked my doctor for help. I told her I could no longer pretend I was “OK”

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It’s not my thing, and that’s ok….

So I haven’t done a “therapy” or anxiety update for a while, mainly because my therapy stopped over the summer, and I start again this week but also because I haven’t really had much to share. I have been plodding

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Anxiety is not logical

 (image source) Anxiety, be it long term, or short term, a temporary thing that strikes, or a mental condition that someone is struggling with, is not logical. I have always known this. Usually I can talk myself down, or be

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