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999 – we have a drama llama

Ah, the tween years. Leading into the teenage years. When I had smaller children, who were toddlers who threw spectacular tantrums and were prone to dramatic fits over irrational things like not being allowed to wear their wellies to bed,

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Tweenagers are basically toddlers…

 If you are reading this, and you are in the throws of the toddler years and are wondering when it will get easier and saner, this post is not meant to make you despair, but I can tell you, and

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Mum standards…

The alternative title of this post could be – When you and your tweenager disagree on what the word “tidy” means and what a tidy bedroom should look like…  The tweenager and I are having a difference of opinion, the

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Sometimes a hug from mum is all you need… tweens, teens and beyond!

Moving into the world of being a tweenager and teenager is fun but also can be challenging. Emotions, physical changes, changing relationships. They come with ups and downs. Sometimes the downs can feel a lot more than the ups.  Sometimes

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