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Supermarket siesta week part 1 grocery basics – meat and veg

So during September we took a Supermarket Siesta for a week. You can read a bit more here   When I am meal planning for our family, meat and veg play a bit part of the shopping list. Normally I buy

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Can you survive without the supermarket? Take a Supermarket Siesta?

So a month ago, I wrote about taking a break from supermarket shopping. It’s not exactly my favorite pastime, so when the lovely team at Supermarket Siesta said “see if you can manage without it”, I thought it might  be

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Taking a supermarket siesta…?

Ah, the supermarket. Love them or hate them? Drag your kids there to do the weekly shop? Or sit shopping online at home, smugly pretending to be organised (then, if you are like me, who is all smug when I

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