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This is not a hotel and I am not your maid…

These words, I have said, to my children, this week, several times, and in a tone of voice gets my message across.  It’s the summer holidays, still, for us. We have nearly three weeks left, of the kids being at

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4 Unusual Choices for a Family Holiday

We all look forward to that time of year when you can forget about everyday life and spend a week or two away with your loved ones. But what if you’re bored of all the usual destinations? What if you

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We’re going on a summer holiday…

The Mad House of Cat’s & Babies is going on holiday. Our first proper holiday in nearly five and a half years. We might be a bit exited. To show you how excited we are, I thought I would treat

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Anyone else struggling with endoftermitis? I love the word. It perfectly describes how we are all feeling, here in the Mad House of Cats & Babies. We are tired, all of us (well, I don’t know about the cats, but

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Screen time limits (or not?)

(No, my children don’t normally watch TV like this…) With the arrival of the long summer holidays, which I am rather glad about (we are in week one, I may have changed my mind by the end of this week)

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