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Stuff we love – January 2018

If I told you January has been interesting and I’m rather glad it’s over, I wouldn’t be lying. To be honest, it’s been a tough few weeks. We are just about over it. But enough wallowing. January is done but

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Stuff we love – November

Welcome to our monthly update of things we have liked, loved and sometimes not been so exited about…  This month is brief, because of course everyone is focusing on Christmas coming but some of the things we are sharing may

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Stuff we love – September & October

So how is it the end of October already? I must admit that I do love this time of year and autumn arriving, it’s my favorite season. An excuse to pull out fluffy jumpers and not have to worry about

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When soap is not just soap…

I am always delighted to share about products that we love, and that work for us as a family, and I am also always keen to support small businesses, particularly British ones. Babylon Tree are a UK based company that

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Stuff we love – August: the tired mum edition…

This last month of August has gone fast. For us, it’s been a challenging month in many ways, but we have survived. I am TIRED though and tomorrow we are off on holiday to France for a week, which is

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Stuff we loved – July

Wow, July went fast, didn’t it? Or at least it did for us. I think my having a knee operation and the children breaking from school seems to have made it go much more quickly. So here we are, in

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Stuff we love – June

Wow, June went a bit fast, didn’t it. It was very hot, and then it was all over. We are now into July and the school summer holidays are almost here, for us.  We have had a bit of a

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Paperless post makes sending beautiful messages easy.

As a busy working mum, I often struggle to find time to sit down and write actual letters, invitations and cards. I know I SHOULD find the time somehow, but right now, where we are in life means that if

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Stuff we love – April 

Welcome to our monthly installment of stuff we love. Things we have liked and want to share about. There are no affiliate links, any links are simply because we think you may want to go and see for yourselves… It’s

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Stuff we love – January 2016

January hasn’t been the best month for us, with LSH recovering from a mild but not nice dose of pneumonia and then Emily and I getting flu but we have just about survived and coped. Some things that have got

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