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Work hard, sleep well…

We all know that exercise is good for us and we are supposed to do a certain amount each week to help keep our bodies healthy and strong. The current recommendations from the UK NHS are that adults aged 19-64 should

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I am not always upbeat about being sleep deprived…

It’s no secret that I don’t get much sleep. My lovely boy doesn’t sleep that well, or goes through patches where sleep is pretty challenging. It sometimes is good, sometimes it isn’t. We are currently in a very rough patch,

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The blog post where I admit that bedtime is awful…

In fact, bedtime round here, could be regarded as a major parenting fail… Before I had children, I swore that any children I had, would go to sleep by themselves and be good sleepers. After all, as a nanny, then

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Dear Small Boy…

   Your mother and father would like to point out that it’s now the long school summer holiday. Two weeks ago, you were sleeping until 6:30/7am. Since the holidays started, you’ve been waking up between 4:45am & 5am.  We don’t

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Sharing a bed with your pet….

We all know how tough it can be to get a decent night’s sleep. What with the stresses of work, money worries and running a household, it can be hard to find the time and the peace of mind to

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Love tea?

It’s a well known fact that I love my coffee, and it’s always my favourite beverage, but as part of my bedtime routine, I often opt for a calming, soothing herbal tea, to help relax me before I go to

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And sleep….

It’s funny, to be writing a positive post about sleep. This blog started as a sort of journal or place for me to get my feelings out in the midst of what was the hardest part of my parenting journey

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Not sleeping well? It might be your mattress?

I’ve written many posts on sleep, on this blog, as you will know, if you are a regular reader here. Sleep and getting what we term a reasonable amount of it, has been an ongoing issue for a while. Trying

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Sleep – Back to basics

Yes, another post about sleep… When we brought our babies home from the hospital, they slept in our room with us, next to our beds, because it was easier for me to feed them, when they were close by, and

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Sleep is boring Mummy, I don’t like going to bed…

Is what my small son says to me often. “Sleep is boring, Mummy, I don’t like going to bed”. I want to, but don’t reply, because it would be unhelpful, “I agree, I hate this bedtime thing, it’s boring, frustrating,

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