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More than just a freebie site – Gratisfaction…

I love a good bargain, and this is the time of the year when most people are out looking in the sales, hunting down what they want or need, and taking advantage of price cuts and winter sales in the

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A mini shopping spree with Boohoo

Emily here. I recently had a moan to my mum, about my clothes, and that I needed some new ones. I have grown a bit, and also needed some clothes for the winter, all my stuff from last year is

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Easy gifts to help make life more convenient…

Don’t get me wrong. I love shopping, especially for gifts for my family. But there are times when I’ve been so busy that the gift shopping has been left a little too late. Then I’ve rushed about and just grabbed

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Friday’s Rant from the Soap Box in My Living Room – restricted hot chocolate??

Dear Tesco I have a mystery, that you need to solve for me… I shop at a local Tesco Express, near where I work, and a few weeks ago, went to buy a container of hot chocolate, a well known

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I’ve discovered discount shopping stores!

(photo credit)  You are now thinking, where has this woman been, that she hasn’t been in a discount shopping store before? And seriously she NEEDS TO GET A LIFE! You are probably right, but I am going to blog about

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Is it really Christmas Eve?

I keep asking myself this question… I feel like Christmas has sneaked up on me this year. I (actually, read we, because LSH has done more than his fair share of shopping, wrapping and Christmas related activities) have been remarkably

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