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Creative Kids – “Igel Keks”

Hedgehog Collage

  What are “Igel keks”? I hear you ask…. Igel is German for Hedgehog, and this Creative Kids post is a recipe for Hedgehog biscuits, which are a German recipe my friend Regina says I can share here. We made

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Anyone for a Pimms Ice Lolly?

I know there are lots of recipes for Pimms ice lollies out there, but this is my tried and tested, tweaked a few times one. I am not an ice lolly fan, but it’s been very hot and sticky here,

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Yorkshire puddings – cows milk free, gluten free and amazing!


I have been using a recipe I have tweaked, to make dairy (cows milk) free Yorkshire puddings, for a while. Because LSH can tolerate a small amount of gluten, he eats them, but my mother in law prefers to eat

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Easy chocolate mousse recipe


This is an incredibly easy, divine chocolate mousse, that needs no cream, so it’s cows milk/dairy free if you use a butter substitute. I have always been a little intimidated by the idea of making a mousse, but this one

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Recipe of the week – Easy chocolate cupcakes

 I have adapted this recipe, it’s actually a cake recipe, but can be used for cupcakes or for a normal layered chocolate cake. We made Big Girl’s birthday cake for her party this week, using this recipe, but unfortunately  the cake

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