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Pets — should they be in your bedrooms or not?

If you follow our blog or social media or blog, you will know we have two very demanding cats who think that the best place to sleep is on the human beds in our house. It’s always been a slight

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A cat’s tail of woe…

This is a cat’s tail (see what I did there?) of woe, otherwise entitled, “Jasper got in fight and we had ANOTHER trip to the vet…” Jasper is a bit of a rogue, he’s a bit like Del Boy from

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The Importance of Your Cat’s ID Tag

  Pet ID tags are not just for dogs, it’s really important to ensure your cat wears them also. You never know when your cat could get lost, so an ID tag will make it much more likely for you

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I am going a bit deaf – Animal Tales

My mistress is worried about me. She thinks I might be loosing my hearing. She says she has noticed over the past few months that I am not as responsive as I used to be, and that she will often

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