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Animal fun at Pet Show Live London…

We are huge animal lovers in this house so a trip to Pet Show Live in London to see all sorts of animals is something right up our street.  A trip on the train across town and an afternoon spent

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Top Tips to Keeping Your Cat Happy Indoors

For those of us living in cities and the suburbs keeping our cats happy indoors can sometimes be a challenge. It’s easy for us to sometimes feel a little guilty when we see our feline friends gazing wistfully out the

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When Your Home’s A Zoo, Your Garden Must Be Pet-Friendly

  We would all like to think that our garden is perfectly safe for the cats, dogs, rabbits, and fish that live with us. That it’s even beneficial to them. In most cases, that’s hardly far from the truth. But

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If I see your children harassing a dog…

I will step in and tell them off…. So a thing happened.  I took my kids to the local playpark today after school. We were at a loose end and an after school class had been cancelled, so the park

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Ways to calm your distressed cat

Is your cat still trying to claim his or her territory all around the house? Is your cat giving signs of increased stress and anxiety? Don’t worry! Here are some ways to guide you through some of the devices that

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Human Foods That Cats Can and Cannot Eat

This helpful collaborative post may be useful, if like me, you have a cat who thinks it is human and likes to eat things it really shouldn’t… Photo used with permission   Most people think that cats eat just about

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The humans went away and left me…

They don’t call me #grumpycat for nothing, you know… They went away. They had the cheek to take themselves off to a fancy hotel, called a spa (I have no idea what that is, humans go to weird places) and

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There’s a rabbit in my kitchen… 

And it’s not going in a pot for a casserole… ? Sadly, one of our bunnies died in the summer. We aren’t sure why. He was perfectly alive and happy one night when we put him in his cage and

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Top Tips to Take Care of Cats

Sharing a post with some top tips on how to care for your cats… Cats are some of the most popular pets for humans. Although they can be sensitive, they are tremendously good companions. Most cats enjoy their own time

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Making children take responsibilty for their pets?

I feel like I run a mini zoo, and no I am not talking about the children in our household but the pets… We currently have  a hamster, two cats, and two rabbits. The snail and the rabbits are “the

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