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Mum standards…

The alternative title of this post could be – When you and your tweenager disagree on what the word “tidy” means and what a tidy bedroom should look like…  The tweenager and I are having a difference of opinion, the

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Sometimes a hug from mum is all you need… tweens, teens and beyond!

Moving into the world of being a tweenager and teenager is fun but also can be challenging. Emotions, physical changes, changing relationships. They come with ups and downs. Sometimes the downs can feel a lot more than the ups.  Sometimes

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Facing the teenage years with positivity – it can’t be all bad…

I’m facing a stage of parenting that I’ve unused to. It’s a stage I’ve not got much experience with, other than when I myself was at that stage, which seems a long time ago. I can do newborns and babies,

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