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I’m still here. To my daughter on this big day…

To my daughter. Today is a big day. It’s a big day for you and a big day for us, and me. You are going off on a new adventure. Growing up. I’m sure it was only yesterday I dropped

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Please stop telling my kid to take her glasses off…

This is a rant. Aimed at no doubt the thoughtless amongst us. My child wears glasses. She has inherited not only my short sighted vision, but also the astigimatism and a genetic eyelid condition that means that she will, for

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Let’s talk about…

Sex, and puberty… Before you go any further, don’t panic, this is a family blog. This is an honest, but clean post, I promise.  We have a tweenager, in the house, and she is rapidly growing up, both emotionally and

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Date night with Mum…

I sometimes feel that in the madness of life, and also with the little bit of extra input her brother needs, that my tweenager occasionally feels a bit left out, or neglected. She’s generally quite easy going (well, except when

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