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I told a fellow parent off…

This week, I told a fellow mother off. I gave her my opinion on something she was doing, actually allowing her child to do. It is rare of me to do that. There is nothing worse, I think than when

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Dear family – I AM IN THE TOILET!!

Dear family. I love you. I am here for you. My life revolves around our family and it’s needs. I do my best for you, and I try to make life work for us all. Usually I’m available for your needs,

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Mum’s Prison Box…

Now that’s a bit of a title for a blog post isn’t it? What am I talking about?  I recently have become very frustrated, with something to do with my children, and as a result, I have instituted a new

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Daily Snippets – #mumlifeglamlife 31/01/18

Seeing yourself mirrored in someone else is rather strange. I’m typing this as I watch my tweenager, who is lying on the sofa opposite me. She’s badly hurt her knee. We don’t know the exact verdict yet as to what

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My kids have been bored this summer, and I am ok with that!

It has been a long summer break, for us. Longer than normal, due to our school being rebuilt and giving us extra weeks at the beginning and end of the holidays. 8 weeks in total. In some ways it’s been

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Date night with Mum…

I sometimes feel that in the madness of life, and also with the little bit of extra input her brother needs, that my tweenager occasionally feels a bit left out, or neglected. She’s generally quite easy going (well, except when

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Making issues around bedwetting a bit easier?

The transition for a child from wearing nappies or pull ups at night, can be a tricky one. Some are ready quickly and are dry at night, and bed wetting is something you may not have to face, or you

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New device in the house, new rules for the adults…

We have a 10 year old in the house, and the bonuses of being a tweenager and almost a teenager is that you are treated to more grown up gifts for your Christmas and birthday (especially when they fall so

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10 things motherhood has taught me…

The lovely Aimee over at MumAmie  has tagged me in a post about 10 things motherhood has taught me with some of her thoughts on what she has learned being a mum and parent. I loved what she has to say. 

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How to help your child adjust to a new sibling…

While the majority of children look forward to the arrival of a new baby, some do change their minds once they arrive. They might suddenly start being naughty or craving your attention more than usual. Some children will even regress

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