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Top Jewellery Gifts For Mum

Purchasing the perfect gift for your mother might seem like a very difficult task. With so many options available both online and it stores, it is virtually impossible to choose “the one.” However, people don’t often realise that most of

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Mother’s Day, always bittersweet…

When my mother died, for the longest time afterwards I was angry at her. I felt she had abandoned us, left us, not tried hard enough to stay. It took me a long time to come to a place where

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My Mother’s Day plans…

If you live in the UK, you may know it’s Mother’s Day this weekend. If you have forgotten this is your reminder, go get a card! 😉 We generally keep Mother’s Day low key. There are no extravagant gifts and

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Mother’s Day Ideas to suit all tastes…

Mother’s Day is coming up fast, and it’s a day when we like to treat our mums, or those who do the job of mum for us, to something special to remind them that we love them and that they

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A little skincare treat for Mother’s Day with Pure Potions.

I am VERY fussy about what I put on my skin and what we use as a family. When I find a brand I like, and that works for us, we tend to stick to it. I have very sensetive

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What I really think about Mother’s Day…

Before I start what I really think, please note that I am very grateful for my little family who love me, and the friends around me who wished me a Happy Mother’s Day. I am NOT anti Mother’s Day. I

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A little Mother’s Day Chocolate Giveaway…

Mother’s Day in this house can be a tad confusing because we have to celebrate it twice. My mother in law and The Husband are from South Africa and they celebrate the day at a totally different time of the

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My Sunday Photo 

   Hand made Mother’s Day gifts are the best kind I think (although I do seem to have gone a little mad with the St.Tropez in this picture…?) Happy Mother’s Day to all those who bear the title “mum” or

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Gin in my Tea Cup? Perfect for Mother’s Day…

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, I usually love getting the hand made cards and carefully chosen with pocket money presents from the children and LSH, and I do like the occasional treat and appreciate unique or funny gifts so finding something that

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