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Those earrings…

Those earrings. Given to me by my parents when I was the same age as her. Made from a piece of jewellery my mother had broken up and made into a first pair of “good earrings” for me. Real stones.

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I’m still here. To my daughter on this big day…

To my daughter. Today is a big day. It’s a big day for you and a big day for us, and me. You are going off on a new adventure. Growing up. I’m sure it was only yesterday I dropped

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Mother’s Day, always bittersweet…

When my mother died, for the longest time afterwards I was angry at her. I felt she had abandoned us, left us, not tried hard enough to stay. It took me a long time to come to a place where

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I do not need to be reminded to grieve…

Grief is a strange thing, and it’s very much a personal thing. One person’s grief is not the same as another persons. I know grief. I know it well. I have loved and lost. I have been slapped in the

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Christmas is still bittersweet, allow me my grief…

Christmas is usually an amazing time, with friends and family and to enjoy a break, give gifts, food and fun.  For me, it’s bittersweet though. I love it, but it is still tinged with grief, and a touch of sadness. 

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