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Doing school holidays differently because of Sensory Processing Disorder

It’s half term week for us. Some families have already had their half term break, some families are still waiting for theirs to start. We are facing ours.  When I say facing, it sounds negative. School holidays, for us and

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Daily Snippet – #mumlifeglamlife 28/01/18

Echolalia and repetitive noises are common in a child with certain sensory issues. They find them comforting/stimulating or calming depending on what they are responding to. They are, however incredibly annoying and frustrating for people around the child with sensory

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My kids have been bored this summer, and I am ok with that!

It has been a long summer break, for us. Longer than normal, due to our school being rebuilt and giving us extra weeks at the beginning and end of the holidays. 8 weeks in total. In some ways it’s been

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De-Stressing as a Busy Mum!

The life of a mum is a stressful one. It is only natural. You have another person to worry about and to care for. It is little wonder that most mums get so little time for themselves. But it is

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Date night with Mum…

I sometimes feel that in the madness of life, and also with the little bit of extra input her brother needs, that my tweenager occasionally feels a bit left out, or neglected. She’s generally quite easy going (well, except when

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What I really think about Mother’s Day…

Before I start what I really think, please note that I am very grateful for my little family who love me, and the friends around me who wished me a Happy Mother’s Day. I am NOT anti Mother’s Day. I

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Christmas is still bittersweet, allow me my grief…

Christmas is usually an amazing time, with friends and family and to enjoy a break, give gifts, food and fun.  For me, it’s bittersweet though. I love it, but it is still tinged with grief, and a touch of sadness. 

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10 things motherhood has taught me…

The lovely Aimee over at MumAmie  has tagged me in a post about 10 things motherhood has taught me with some of her thoughts on what she has learned being a mum and parent. I loved what she has to say. 

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