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Those earrings…

Those earrings. Given to me by my parents when I was the same age as her. Made from a piece of jewellery my mother had broken up and made into a first pair of “good earrings” for me. Real stones.

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I’m still here. To my daughter on this big day…

To my daughter. Today is a big day. It’s a big day for you and a big day for us, and me. You are going off on a new adventure. Growing up. I’m sure it was only yesterday I dropped

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Find your tribe…

Find your tribe, and if you can’t find one, start one… Parenting and motherhood can be a lonely place. It isn’t meant to be but for a lot of women, signing up to the motherhood club can land you in

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And just like that…

 Just like that, your kids grow up. One minute you are changing their nappies and worrying that they will never be potty trained and the next minute you are dealing with sending them off to secondary school, letting them spread

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If you are young enough that I could have given birth to you…

Then you probably need to take my advice. Yees, you. You’re young enough that I actually could have given birth to you. When you were in nappies, I was already changing them. When you were at school I was taking

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Kindness is key for new mums

Lack of sleep and ‘me’ time, new responsibilities, reduced self-confidence and the battle to lose baby weight are among the hardest things of being a new mum Over half of new mums expect others to show kindness with one in

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If your kids aren’t learning to do chores round the house, more fool you…

“I AM NOT THE MAID” is something that I have, ahem, yelled, a few times, mostly during the school holidays when I feel like my kids have started to take the presence of their mother, aka the cook, cleaner, provider

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I do not need to be reminded to grieve…

Grief is a strange thing, and it’s very much a personal thing. One person’s grief is not the same as another persons. I know grief. I know it well. I have loved and lost. I have been slapped in the

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Doing school holidays differently because of Sensory Processing Disorder

It’s half term week for us. Some families have already had their half term break, some families are still waiting for theirs to start. We are facing ours.  When I say facing, it sounds negative. School holidays, for us and

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Daily Snippet – #mumlifeglamlife 28/01/18

Echolalia and repetitive noises are common in a child with certain sensory issues. They find them comforting/stimulating or calming depending on what they are responding to. They are, however incredibly annoying and frustrating for people around the child with sensory

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