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Wave of Light

Light and love to all those who have lost through miscarriage, still birth or infant loss! 

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It’s not bah humbug, it’s self protection…

I recently celebrated a birthday. Actually, I asked for minimal celebration, and whilst we did mark the day, and the children made a fuss, and I had lots of love and greetings from friends and families, and some very kind

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A slap in the face when you least expect it…

But you should be used to it… Everyone has an opinion, that’s pretty much life, and goes for everything. Mostly it’s harmless when people share what they think, or you can let it slide.  The past two weeks or so,

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I am sharing this because it’s cathartic for me. It helps me to get the words out and express myself, at a time when I tying to reconcile what is going on with my mind and my body. If you

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Back on the rollercoaster…

This isn’t easy to write. I don’t know why, because I’ve been here before. I’m discovering that experience doesn’t matter, that this rollercoaster ride is still not fun, that it doesn’t get easier the more times you ride it… Last

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When someone has a miscarriage….

Warning, this post may contain things that will be a trigger to some. Please read with that in mind. Also, I am speaking from my own experience, hoping to share to others who have not had a miscarriage, but also

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Hello hormones…

Can you tell me what this is?  If you guessed progesterone, then you would be right. This, is something that my body fails to produce enough of. My body has never quite got the hang of the hormone thing, or

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Magic Moments – 3rd Time Lucky!

I’m linking up with Jaime from The Oliver’s Mad House, for her Monday Magic Moments. She has a lovely blog, and this is going to be a fun and interesting linky. Why don’t you join in? My Magic Moment this week is

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