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I will not apologise for my mental health…

My name is Karen. I am a wife, a mother, I work part time. I knit, I like to cook. I like to eat. I like to read. I like to watch police documentaries, when I can’t sleep. I have

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Why I support the restricting of laxatives from sale within the UK…

*this post discusses eating disorders, the use of laxatives, bulimia and mental health. If any of these are a trigger issue for you, it may be best you don’t read on. However, if you read this and would like to

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Project 365 – a photo a day 21/09/18

Life has been a little upside down here the past few days so we’ve missed a few daily photos but this probably sums up how I have survived…

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That’s me in the corner, baking bread…

When the going gets tough, or I am tired, or stressed, I don’t go shopping, I don’t get drunk, I don’t watch sad movies to allow myself to cry, or eat vast quantities of comfort foods.  I do things, productive

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Nope, I won’t fake it just to make other people feel comfortable.

Other people’s happiness and comfort is not my priority.  When I say that I don’t mean I don’t care. I am not saying I don’t want people to be comfortable and happy.  What I mean is that I am not

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It’s not me, it’s you…

  Something I have learned in my journey to dealing with my own mental health and getting myself into a more fixed better place is that not everyone wants you to be in that better place. Not everyone has grace

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My name is Karen, or at least I think it is… short term memory loss, the by product of sleep deprivation no one tells you about!

My name is Karen, or at least I think it is.  You see, I suffer from short term memory issues. It’s a problem I have had for a couple of years. I suffer from short term memory loss beyond the

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Can’t catch my breath, but can’t stop to breathe…

When 2017 ended, it had been another tough year. Job stress (which has eased) health stress (miscarriages, knee surgery, small boy’s surgery) and other things, the husband and I looked at each other and said “2018 HAS to be better,

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I am ok with my mental health diagnosis, I need you to be too – Mental Health Awareness week 2018

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, and there are going to be lots of people sharing about mental health, campaigning for better care, support, understanding, and about what it’s like to live with a mental health diagnosis and the

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Simple Strategies For Keeping Yourself In Check   

Your mental health is nothing you want to mess around with or take lightly. You need it for doing a good job at work, having solid relationships and functioning at your best. Without a stable mind, your health will suffer,

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