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Daily Snippets – #mumlifeglamlife 31/01/18

Seeing yourself mirrored in someone else is rather strange. I’m typing this as I watch my tweenager, who is lying on the sofa opposite me. She’s badly hurt her knee. We don’t know the exact verdict yet as to what

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Here’s to a new knee…

If you follow our blog or social media, you will know that I have struggled with recurring knee issues for the past few years. I have had a couple of bad falls which have damaged my knees and also a

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The importance of collagen…

I have to admit that I was one of those people that didn’t think much about collagen, other than my basic nursing knowledge that it’s protein in the human body and is the substance that holds the whole body together.

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Get Fit Mummy – more knee drama….

Ah, the knee. I can’t get a new one (as much as I wish I could) and what we thought was a relatively simple injury, that could be repaired surgically, is actually much more complicated than either I or the

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Get Fit Mummy – or actually don’t, the knee won’t let me…

So, the summer holidays are over, and I have to get back on the healthy bandwagon. I WANT to exercise but at the moment, I am still now allowed, other than swimming, which I haven’t had much time for. So

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Just me – The knee…

This week has not been good. We got back from holiday, feeling all refreshed and happy, and ready to get on with normal life, only to have a few curve-balls thrown our way. I am feeling like our holiday was

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Get Fit Mummy – More on the knee….

Welcome to my weekly weight loss link up, Get Fit Mummy. Sharing how I am doing, and also a link up for anyone wanting to share their fitness goals, achievements or weight loss updates. It’s called Get Fit Mummy, but

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Get Fit Mummy – the knee and tea

This week’s Get Fit Mummy is a mixed bag. An update on my knee, not so good news, and a detox tea that I am trying, but I have lost weight so it’s not all bad…. So this week, after

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A tongue twister diagnosis for the knee

So we have a diagnosis, and it’s a tongue twister diagnosis, for the knee… That has caused me a lot of pain, for nearly two years, and has progressively got worse, in the past year, despite physiotherapy, rest and ice/heat

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