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7 reasons to start healthy eating now to be ready for summer 2019.

Thank you to Neil from NeilWelshNutrition for this helpful guest post about getting into better eating and health habits… There are lots of different triggers that can motivate us to change our lifestyles and live healthier. The reasons to look

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Proper chips? Bring it on, Actifry…!

I don’t know about you, but when I was growing up, and we had chips, as part of a family meal, my nana or my mum used to roll out the rather scary looking deep fat fryer thing. If you

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BMI is NOT the be all and end all…

So I recently shared about weight loss and how I have worked hard to loose some weight, in order to get myself to a healthier place. I have been feeling pretty good generally and pleased with my efforts and also

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Home made crispy tofu – it can be done…

Last week I posted on social media that I was going to attempt to make crispy tofu, at home, from scratch. I had some encouraging comments, particularly from friends who like tofu or who are vegetarian, and some comments from

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5 Simple Ways to reduce your child’s sugar intake…

 With the governments new health advice to reduce the amount of sugar adults and children consume by half the previous recommended amount, lots of parents now must be thinking about how this can be achieved. I know, personally that I

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I will never be thin but I need to be healthy…

Before I continue, this post is NOT about fat shaming, or thin shaming, or whatever the current favourite buzz words are. This post is not saying you need to be thin to be attractive, or healthy. This post is about

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Diabetes and Feeding my Family – A guest post

Diabetes and feeding my family – Germaine Waters (SunTempleFood.com)  There is no such thing as a “diabetic diet”!!! We should all eat high fibre, low fat, balanced glycemic index and calories to suit our lifestyle! I know that’s a contentious

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No juice please, I don’t like it…

At the end of January, this year, I met with a friend of mine, a qualified nutritionist at some sessions she provided to a group of people wanting to change their eating habits, loose some weight and make changes to

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Monday – Operation Get Fit Mummy, week 2!

I am linking up this post with The Oliver’s Madhouse for Magic Moments and I am kind of cheating this week, because I normally would do a Magic Moment post then a separate #GetFitMummy update, but we have had a

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Weight loss week 1

So, I have pondered over whether I would actually blog about my weight loss attempts, other than to write about the type of eating plan I was using, and some recipes, but I have decided to jump in, and do

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