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Getting everyone out and about, because everyone should enjoy days out…

As a family we have been very fortunate to not struggle when we go out, or plan a family day out, with accessibility issues. None of us currently need help with mobility or to get out and about and on

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Quitting smoking can be easier with Niquitin…

Something a lot of people didn’t know about me, is that I am an ex smoker. In 2001 I quit, and haven’t smoked since. This is my story of why, and how… I grew up with my mother smoking, and

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Six tips for relieving a dust allergy…

Does your child often wake up with a stuffy nose? Or suffer from continuous cold symptoms? This collaborative post may be useful… If so, a dust mite allergy might be to blame. These tiny creatures live in bedding, cuddly toys,

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Dealing with fungal nail infections…?

Ok, so this is not my usual type of post, nor is it a particularly glamorous one, because the topic is toenails and toenail fungus… I know, I can already see you going “ew” and recoiling because not many people

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Chicken pox has lost it’s charm…

I used to be one of those people who thought “chicken pox is one of those childhood things, that kids need to get, and deal with”. I have nursed and nannied plenty of kids through it, some mild, some not

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I miss being able to run…

I’m not a professional runner, more of a hobby jogger. I don’t claim to have hit any major running milestones or targets. I don’t run to prove anything to anyone. (Yes, I know, I sound like a sports gear advert,

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Vidisan Eye drops are an essential item in my bag…

I often struggle with dry, tired eyes. I wear contact lenses, so my eyes do get a bit dry and they need to be taken out, to relieve that,  I like having a bottle of eye drops in my handbag,

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Pain relief without pills – Nurofen Express Heat Patches.

Sometimes you need something to take the edge off pain and bring relief, for muscular pain or joint aches, but you don’t want to reach for the bottle of pain medication. I find myself in this position at the moment, with

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Sharing a bed with your pet….

We all know how tough it can be to get a decent night’s sleep. What with the stresses of work, money worries and running a household, it can be hard to find the time and the peace of mind to

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The grommets are still in…

And I am relieved, and realising how grateful I am for those two tiny pieces of plastic, keeping his ears healthy and comfortable. Last week, Little Man started complaining of a sore ear, and was a bit grumpy and irritable!

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