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A little skincare treat for Mother’s Day with Pure Potions.

I am VERY fussy about what I put on my skin and what we use as a family. When I find a brand I like, and that works for us, we tend to stick to it. I have very sensetive

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A quick and easy pancake recipe and a giveaway…

It’s Shrove Tuesday, or as many people know it, pancake day. If like me, you totally forgot about it until the last minute, and you are craving pancakes or your children are demanding them (I was woken at 6am this

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Keeping your immune system going with Nutrivitality (and a giveaway)

I always find winter a challenging time, and we seem to fight off more illnesses than we do in the warmer months. Short of moving somewhere with permenent sunshhine, I have to find ways to look after myself and my

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Because we love you! A little Valentines Day Giveaway

So, Christmas is over, January is half way through, and we have Valentines Day looming.  I say that, because we in the Mad House of Cats & Babies aren’t really that romantic, and last year we pretty much forgot about

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Get your Christmas Pants on with Captain Underpants…

Need a funny movie to keep the whole family entertained over the Christmas period, or the perfect stocking filler gift for someone who loves a funny movie?Captain Underpants may be just what you are looking for… My kids think it

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Advent Calendar Giveaway

The first of December is looming… we can’t wait! We are looking forward to all things Christmassy.  Have you organised your advent calendar yet? For once I’m super ready and have ours (hidden from the children and the husband until

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We love pretty things – A giveaway with PomPoms & Pretty Things…

I love social media. It’s been such a fabulous way for me to connect with some amazing bloggers and brands, and I have got to know some really lovely people through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  I first came across PomPoms

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Celebrating our blog birthday with a unicorn giveaway… 

The Mad House of Cats & Babies is 6 years old! We’ve been sharing our journey from when my small boy stopped sleeping and I needed a place to just get the stresses of motherhood off my chest to a

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Make a memory into a star – with a giveaway from Star Name Registry

Sometimes you need that little extra something special. A gift for someone, or to remember someone you love. It can be hard to find things that are unique but also meaningful, but that also don’t cost the earth.  So naming

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Let’s get cosy – soft blanket giveaway…

So, apparently there’s a new concept in town, or maybe it isn’t a new concept, but just something revamped. This season it’s about Hygge and the Danish concept of comfort…  Whilst I don’t generally like clutter or too much stuff,

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