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Meal Plan Monday

I am a planner, and I like to know what’s happening in our week. We have quite a busy and somewhat crazy week, with the children being at activities and both of us working, so meal planning helps me to

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Proper chips? Bring it on, Actifry…!

I don’t know about you, but when I was growing up, and we had chips, as part of a family meal, my nana or my mum used to roll out the rather scary looking deep fat fryer thing. If you

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Can you survive without the supermarket? Take a Supermarket Siesta?

So a month ago, I wrote about taking a break from supermarket shopping. It’s not exactly my favorite pastime, so when the lovely team at Supermarket Siesta said “see if you can manage without it”, I thought it might  be

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A variation on my Nana’s lentil soup

My Scottish grandmother, known as Nana to us all, used to make a lentil soup that we all loved. On weekends when I was home from school (boarding, I used to spend time at her home when I couldn’t go

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Slow cooked sausage and lentil soup

So this recipe was MEANT to be a sausage and lentil casserole, hearty, filling and slightly stodgy. Perfect winter comfort food. It ended up as soup, and was voted so good by my family that it’s now a recipe in

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Easy peasy omelette recipe…

Omelettes are a quick and easy meal, perfect, I find for the kids, or for myself when I walk into the kitchen and think “eek, I need to feed us, but there’s not a lot in the fridge or I

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