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He doesn’t need to “get better”…

There are two things not to say to a parent of a child with sensory processing disorder or any other invisible issue that doesn’t manifest in a way that can be seen “physically”… “He looks fine, though” & “so when

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What not to say to a child with sensory processing disorder…

I plan to write another post about sensory processing disorder, what it is, how it affects children, and their families, and lives, and how we work around coping with it, actually it will probably be several posts, come to think

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Let’s not mess around with bedtime…

As I write this, I wonder if we will ever have a time when we are not talking about sleep, or how to make it happen. We are very grateful for the sleep we are now getting, and that our

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Yup, I medicate my kid… 

I do. I medicate him! That’s shocking, isn’t it? What’s even more shocking is that I medicate him so he will go to sleep. I’m such an awful, terrible, selfish mother, aren’t I?  There. The truth is out. Judge away.

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My Wild Ones – Days out with SPD take a bit of managing.

Matthew has a mild form of Sensory Processing Disorder. It causes him issues with sensitivity to noise, new environments, crowds, busy places, and places he is not sure he feels comfortable in. This can make planning a day out with

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